Pastor's Vision















Pastor's Vision:

The pastor's vision at 7th Avenue Community Missionary Baptist Church

is to empower the saints of God through the word of God.  

We will embark to inspire and reach the unbelievers through reconnecting the church to the community by evangelism;

we will accomplish this by making 7th Avenue visible to our Weinland Park Community; as well as providing strong

ministries to meet the needs of our community. We will further impact our community by being their voice socially, economically, and spiritually.


We are striving to be relevant in our approach to connecting the un-churched to the body of Christ with a

transformative mind!

The goal is to promote our church as a church,
"Where Everybody is Somebody!"


 Pastor's Visionary Theme

for the Church:

Soaring Higher In Faith Together

S.  H.  I.  F.  T.

Scripture(s):  Jude 1:20


5 Point  Plan to sustaining the vision (A season of coming together):

First: We shall train our church body and leaders to be vigilant in our personal service to the Lord.

As a pastor, I shall energize the body by constantly reinforcing the vision.

As we shift from yesterday to today we will engage our college students with a feel of a "family;" 

I will also take insight from them to build a stronger connection with the 'millennial generation'.

Together we will engage in hospitality and volunteerism ministries as they will aid us in reaching our community.


Secondly: We shall take the church higher by participating in programming that will create a stronger family

atmosphere and a sense of togetherness among the Body of Christ.


We will accomplish this with a:

physical fitness program, health and wellness seminars, and enhancing our fresh produce giveaway.


Thirdly: We shall work to develop a positive connection between our church and the families in our community.

We will accomplish this by creating a new food oasis that will supply food to those in need in and around the Weinland Park and the Northeast side of Columbus. 


We shall focus on securing renewable grants to fund a summer feeding program for the youth of our community.

This will therefore over time, increase the youth attendance in our worship services.


Fourth: Faith will be our engine to both develop and cultivate an atmosphere of excitement and energy that will grow

the church spiritually, numerically, and economically.


We will accomplish this by the active engagement of church leaders and the congregation in community events I.E.; 

Community Festival, Grass & Roots Community Cleanup, and being present at monthly civic association meetings

in order to have both a voice and presence.


Fifth: Together as a body we shall bring these things to pass as we work together in this process to build a strong bond

between the community and 7th Avenue Community Missionary Baptist Church.


The bottom line is we are the Anchor Church in our Weinland Park Community and as such, we need to begin to practice

stewardship effectively in our community and be willing to give quality time to our neighbors.




Pastor, R.D. Robey