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Our Pastor

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Pastor Robey is a native of Franklin, Kentucky, and is happily married to the former Vanessa R. Brown with whom they have one child. Pastor Robey was first called into the Gospel Ministry in 1990. He has over 26 years of experience preaching the Word of God, He preached his first sermon as well as was licensed to preach God’s Word in 1991 at Middleton First Baptist Church. He attended the Satellite Bible Seminary at Faith Bible Institute in Monroe, Louisiana where he earned his degree in Old & New Testament and Theology Studies in 2007. He also completed and received his teacher’s certification from the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. Pastor Robey is a dynamic preacher of the Gospel, an educator, and a leader in the church and community and in 2009, he became the Senior Pastor / Spiritual Leader of 7th Avenue Community Missionary Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio. He is an avid reader and is always looking for ways to better serve his congregation. In October 2016, Pastor Robey completed and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Leadership from Ohio Christian University. In October 2019 he completed and earned a Master of Business Administration Degree and a Master of Arts Degree in Pastoral Leadership from Ohio Christian University. He is also currently a member of the Ohio State Interfaith Council. He is a highly respected leader in the church community and has served in various areas, including President of the EUMBA Congress of Christian Education from 2012 -2019. He served as the Recording Secretary of Columbus Baptist Pastors' Conference & Vicinity and was a member of The Ohio State University African American Clergy Advisory Board from 2012-2018. In addition, he was the Dean of the Union District Congress of Education in Bowling Green Kentucky from 1995-1998.

Pastoral Objective: To create a church that is focused on discipleship and the Kingdom of God. We strive to help our members grow in their faith and be equipped to share the gospel with those around them. We believe that when each believer is equipped and empowered to share their faith, the Kingdom of God will grow exponentially. We are committed to providing resources and opportunities to our members so that they can become effective disciples of Christ. It is our goal to see the church grow and reach more people with the message of the gospel. Ultimately, our aim is to honor God and make His Kingdom a priority in our lives and in our church.

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