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7th Avenue In-Person Worship Protocols:


7th Avenue Community Missionary Baptist Church will begin transitioning back to in-person worship beginning August 01st, 2021.


In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the following guidelines and protocols that are being shared here have been implemented to ensure your safety as we enter back into our facility for worship service.


These are things that you need to know in advance to follow the current protocols.

1.  Facility Access: is limited to the time utilized for Sunday Worship service only.

(a.) Traffic through the facility shall be restricted to selected areas.

(b.)  We will continue to park at the Union Hall parking lot.

2.  Entrance:

(a.)  Everyone shall use the rear door of the Church to enter and exit the building.


(b.)  Everyone entering the church must go through our screening process.


(c.)  Everyone entering our facility will be REQUIRED to wear a mask.



3.  Screening Process for Everyone entering 7th Ave CMBC:

(a.)  Temperature: shall be taken prior to entering inside our church building.

       (1.)  Anyone with a temperature of 100º or higher will be denied entry into the church building.


       (2.)  Anyone refusing to have their temperature taken will be denied entry into the church building.


(b.) Sanitizing: To help ensure that we are making every effort to not pass germs to one another, everyone must sanitize their hands before entering the Worship Center.


      (1.)  There will be hand sanitizer stations located at the entrance of the church before entering into the Worship center.


      (2.)  There will be a hand sanitizer station outside of the entrance of Worship Center.


4.  Worship Service:  To ensure that there is adequate social distancing occurring between parishioners.

(a.)  Gatekeepers will direct the following:


       (1.)  Parishioners entering and exiting the building.

       (2.)  Parishioners entering and exiting the Worship Center.

       (3.)  Parishioners use of the restrooms.


(b.) There will be one empty pew between each occupied pew when seated in the Worship Center.


(c.)  We will seat families together whenever possible, with the understanding that family members who arrive late may/will be seated separately according to church protocol.


(d.)  Children must remain with their parents or guardian at all times.


5.  Prayer Line:

(a.)  Tuesday Nights'  Prayer line will continue to be conducted through our phone conference line. 

Phone#:1(218) 486 - 2818. Access Code: 262603#


6.  Hour of Power:

(a.)  Wednesday Nights' Hour-of-Power Bible Study will continue to be conducted through our phone conference line as well as shown "Live" on Facebook and YouTube.



In conclusion, the church will also continue to use modern technology tools to enhance and grow our church worship services.


Services such as our phone conference line, live streaming on Facebook, and  YouTube will continue as we will continue online giving through Givelify, which affords anyone wishing to hear the word of God the opportunity to worship, fellowship, and support the church with your tithes and offerings while remaining virtual.

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